About Us

Country Treks is situated on the Shropshire/Worcestershire border in the lovely village of Stottesdon. 

With 30+ years of experience, we are proud about what we do here at Country Treks.

Brand new 60x30 arena

Coming soon...

30 Acres

We are situated on a beautiful 30 acre site with fields and woodlands that surround our very own lake - see Top Adventures for outdoor activites! 

nana's kitchen

Nana's kitchen is open and serving breakfasts, lunch and delicious homemade treats every day except Monday and Wednesdays.

Alternative education

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering mid week courses for home schooled or young people who are struggling with mainstream schooling for whatever reason.

Meet the Team


Steph is the owner and founder of Country Treks and has 50 + years experience in horses. Her mum used to buy, sell and produce young horses and Steph's sister Mel is a qualified and highly sought after saddle fitter. Steph is BHBS BETCM and a professional accredited coach. She is also a NVQ assessor and level 4 youth worker. Over the years she still enjoys taking rides and teaching. Her speciality is the nervous novice but enjoys coaching all levels and loves running the changing lives and the personal development and educational courses.

"I am really in love with my job and I pride myself in having a truly dedicated and exceptional team of staff and horses. 


Emma Dainty is our physio. Once every six weeks our tried and trusted physio comes to check the health and well being of our beautiful horses and helps to keep them in tip top shape.

Jim the Farrier

Jim the farrier, we can’t do without him! So astute, so knowledgeable and so caring with our horses. ‘No foot, no horse’ is an old saying and to be fair Jim ensures we’ve got the very best attention for our horses.


Gary the Groom is our ex Wembley show groom who preens the horses to top show level, with beautiful pulled manes & tails and they are also clipped to perfection.


Mel Lewis is our saddle fitter. Steph’s sister, Mel, is a top Society of Master Saddlers approved fitter and she comes to the yard every 6 weeks with her keen eye for detail and changes in horses shape she makes sure our horses are comfortable with their saddles and that they are the highest quality.