BHS Challenge Awards

Have you always wanted to make your own judgement about your horses health with confidence? Are you looking to top up your knowledge and skills before you purchase a horse? Or simply have a love of horses and want to learn more?

The BHS Challenge Awards are the perfect learning tool to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence with horses. There are a wide range of topics to choose from that cover horse health, feeding, saddlery, shoeing, lunging, riding and more!

- There is no exam pressure, each topic can be signed off individually by Steph, our Accredited Professional Coach.

- The sessions are completely flexible and can be worked around childcare, work and other commitments.

- With the awards there are no time restraints and no deadlines, you can take each section at your own pace.

- The awards are open to anyone at any level!

We provide really fun and confidence building sessions where  you can learn how to care for horses, develop hands-on, practical skills and get stuck in. It doesn’t matter what previous experience you have with horses, or if you’re a complete beginner. All you need is enthusiasm and a love for horses! You will receive expert guidance and support from Steph Eddies Davies, Accredited Professional Coach throughout and her aim is to encourage you to work towards and achieve your personal goals.

Sessions are available daily, the course is a continuous assessment and verified by APC Steph Eddies Davies. Certificates and awards are achieved throughout.

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