Changing Lives Through Horses

Country Treks are proud to be working in partnership with the British Horse Society to deliver a programme which allows disengaged young people to develop key skills and engage them back in to society.


Nearly one in ten 16-18 year-olds are not in education, employment or training, while one in four young people struggle with low self-esteem, wellbeing and mental health problems.
We are passionate in knowing the positive impact that horses have on people’s lives and that it may just be the answer when all other options have failed.


Changing Lives Through Horses is a powerful way of encouraging young people regardless of their background to learn key skills that could enable them to return to education or employment. The equestrian environment provides people with structure and a sense of responsibility. Country Treks has had great success in providing a fresh start to our young people, where the slate is wiped clean and they are able to learn as the individuals that they are.


A young person struggling at school, perhaps even excluded or the young person does just not suit the school environment. We can offer a way of learning and engaging that is truly unique. If you know of a young person who my benefit please ring 01746 718436 and talk to Steph- BHS Accredited Professional Coach with 30 plus years experience in this field for a confidential conversation and to find out more about this course.


Country Treks works with the individual and a lot of work is one to one, engaging the young person and bringing out the very best in that person. This is the fresh start, the slate wiped clean that they so often need. Funding opportunities may be available but please call to discuss.


It is important to know that the programme is not just about producing young people to work with horses although we are proud to say we have had many pupils go on to college and achieve NVQ/BHS 1,2,3.  Some of our young people have gone on to non equine work positions thanks to the grounding and focus we have been able to give them. Each individual is treated as such and each course is bespoke. Steph Eddies Davies has had over 30 years experience with working with disengaged young people and is passionate about this side of Country Treks and continues to be the key coach/ mentor for many of the students.

Check out one of our greatest success stories here:

Steph CPA Success Story

We also featured on BBC Radio 4 Womens Hour, to listen click here (26:40):


At Country Treks, we are committed to ensuring the programme changes as many lives as possible, and are working in partnership with secondary schools and youth organisations to provide an array of educational and career pathways to support continued development in an environment which celebrates positive change.