Our Four Legged Family

Every horse at Country Treks is carefully selected, they are all special and there really is the perfect steed for everyone from steady confidence givers to show jumpers and eventers! Our horses really are a pleasure to ride and they all get the best care from our knowledgeable team.



On Grand National day in 2017 we had a lovely surprise… A beautiful bundle of joy, quite simply the best looking foal any of us have ever seen! After lots of debate over the name Aintree (Preferred by some) It was decided to name him after the Grand National winner! 



What a stunner!
The original barbie doll pony who is so so pretty! She is beautifully schooled and an amazing jumper. A brave and fearless who everyone loves- adults who are lucky enough to be under 5ft5 and teenagers! She is the most fabulous ride.



Cob…. you may ask why she has such a dull name! Her name on her passport is actually Rosie but all her life everyone has called her Cob and we just continued because it does seem to be the name she knows. Having said that she is a very talented cob! She is a real armchair ride out hacking, forward off the leg, responsive….. and for all you jumping fans, Cob loves to jump!



Our handsome home schooled talent. Dennis is responsive and a joy to ride. He is forward of the leg, but safe, sane and sensible. He was placed in his first ever dressage and we couldn't believe how our cheeky cob can transform into a dressage diva! This little chap is sure to be a great favourite. He is very much a ‘people person’, loves fuss and attention and oh he loves to jump!



The absolute legend that is Prince. He is a true schoolmaster who takes care of his riders and teaches them to canter. Such a sweet, genuine horse. We feel privileged to have him. Honest as the day is long and a perfect choice for our nervous return to riding people who may have lost their confidence. Prince to the rescue!

IMG_1748 1.jpg


Stunning Willow… our super Cob who excels at dressage and jumping. This lovely mare is a joy to ride! Responsive and well schooled… did we mention she is like an armchair to canter? We are totally smitten by Willow.



Make sure you try this beauty. Our chocolate dun – delicious! Gorgeous to ride, school, jump and hack. Impeccable manners. Its another one of Country Treks wonder horse. We feel very privileged to add this gorgeous horse to our profiles. Oh and did we tell you she just loves being fussed?

lucky 2.JPG


You will be lucky if you get to ride lucky... our pocket rocket with superb manners, unstoppable nature and the extra gear in the tank. He schools beautifully with a competent rider and loves his work. A firm favourable at Country Treks.


Mona Lisa

We didn't change her name as it's bad luck - but we can promise you that if you get to ride this one, you will be smiling. Our gorgeous chesnut who schools, jumps, hacks - forward off the leg and responsive but safe and sane. What's not to love!



Half of our duo… Thelma and Louise. Our two sassy girls have stolen our hearts. Safe as houses but responsive to the aids. Louise is perfect for your first canter/jump. She knows the ropes and would be more then happy to teach you.

sky gymkana.jpg


Oh my goodness, what a pony! Sky is the original legend- he is the unicorn, the holy grail!
He teaches children and small adults the ropes. He is kind, willing and responsive. The perfect schoolmaster for that first wobbly canter and a absolute joy to hack out. Everyone needs a Sky!

Mav Dressage.jpg


Here is the original black beauty. Handsome, well schooled and balanced.
He is s superstar with an amazing ‘look at me’ presence about him. He is a delight to ride and is brave and willing to go at everything.
Off the welsh hills in Aberystwyth- we love our handsome Mav!



Della.. the beautiful one! You know the saying, beautiful inside and out? Well here is the real deal! The sweetest natured, kindest, most loveable horse. She is totally honest and genuine and looks after all her riders. She is a willing and easy ride and just like an armchair. She loves her cross country and will take you over any fences with real grace. She is perfect in every way and everyone adores her nature.



Flash…..ah haaaah! Flash is beautiful inside and out; he is the perfect horse for our Riding for the Disabled sessions, beginners, novices and competent riders, a true all rounder! He will turn his hoof to anything and give anything a go….. he has the sweetest nature in the world. If anyone is nervous he is the horse for them with a leg at each corner he is balanced, comfy and genuine. We absolutely adore him.



Gwendolin our little Welsh princess! She is the cutest child's pony ever, armchair canter, more kick than pull, gentle and sweet but will still go clear show jumping and loves to pop her logs out hacking. She is the sort of pony that should be called merry legs out of black beauty fame, totally looks after her rider.



Here is our handsome hunting machine!  Hugo is a 16hh, 7year old IDx with a bold, brave XC jump, he loves his trail rides and treks and is a really forward going, fun ride. He can equally go in an outline and pop a set of show jumps. He is definitely one to watch as he will just keep getting better and better….. He regularly goes to shows and does show jumping or cross country schooling often! Hugo is a big softie and has that puppy dog look… all the time.



What a stunner! The very handsome Indiana Jones; brave, stunning and a real gent. Indie is very much loved by customers and staff alike. He has a real presence on the yard and a gorgeous nature. Indie is a real comfortable chap with manners to die for, and enjoyed by everyone! The photos don’t do him justice…. He really is the most gorgeous gent, polite in open fields, on the ground and with a massive heart to look after anyone- he equally loves being asked to step up a gear and will produce a beautiful dressage test.



Stephs wonder horse! A 15.1hh Irish Cob he is a magic little horse who opens a gate for you and is so helpful! He is a great lead horse and is due to compete this season. He is munchable and has the cutest ‘look at me’ character. Make sure you say hello to him and you will see what we mean, he just loves people! Murphy has been there and done it all, hunter trials, dressage…. everything! He is never far away from Steph as he is her pride and joy! A real loveable chap, comfortable and fun!



Paddy is a 15.2hh overgrown connemara gentleman, recently retired and loving it but still the pride and heart of Country Treks. The perfect lead horse – perfect manners, beautiful paces. Absolutely loves hacking, jumping and hunting, a real star in every way. He’s even appeared in Your Horse magazine!! Paddy was originally brought for Steph but Heidi ran off with him and there followed three years of BSJA show jumping, eventing and pony club teams. To say he won everything would be a slight exaggeration but it wasn’t far off!!! When Heidi went off to University Steph reclaimed her horse and he pampers him to death!! What a life!



Gorgeous, totally reliable and totally safe but with a nice spring in her step! This pony is every childs dream, forward off the leg but safe as houses and kind in every way. Phoenix is an absolute superstar, she loves pony camp and is a real gem every sphere.
She loves her adult lessons too and will equally take a nervous novice but step up for a confident rider. She is also a dab hand at mounted games….one to watch! She really is a teenage dream.



The ultimate Barbie doll dream pony! Yes a real life palomino with long flowing blond locks, perfect to pamper and stunning for photos. This handsome boy will turn his hoof to everything and absolutely loves pony camp, galloping and jumping. He is a super comfy ride and a real head turner. He is adored by all his fans as he has a turn of speed when asked but is totally polite, handsome and will happily take a novice round the village too. Quavers favourite thing is cross country and showjumping- always in the top 3 for chase me charlie!


Sporty Spice

I’ll tell you what I want what i really really want… Sporty Spice is an all singing all dancing pony club pony. She jumps, she hacks, she does absolutely everything and everyone loves her. She is forward going, safe, fun…. what's not to love? She is literally the best pony ever! Our Pony Club members frequently try to take her home…..


Here is a pretty one. She jumps, hacks and schools. She is a beautifully balanced ride and can go in a lovely outline when schooling. She is sturdy but not too wide which makes her a lovely ladies ride.



Dolly the armchair! Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Dolly will take novices or she will give competent riders a great country ride. She is 100% bomb proof, her ears are forward and she loves to work. She is super comfy, safe and sturdy.



Her name describes her perfectly. She really does try and oblige to whatever she is asked to do - flatwork, jumping and cross country. She is forward, not lazy but then again gives confidence as she doesn't have any silliness. She is definitely a sweetie who is going to be a firm favourite here at Country Treks.



This is one for the future. He is the sweetest most adorable pony. Straight off the welsh hills, continuing his education at Country Treks. A proper welsh sec A "look at me - I'm gorgeous!" Super little pony who is going to be an absolute star!