Meet the Team!


Steph is the owner and founder of Country Treks and has 50 + years experience in horses. Her mum used to buy, sell and produce young horses and Steph's sister Mel is a qualified and highly sought after saddle fitter. Steph is BHBS BETCM and a professional accredited coach. She is also a NVQ assessor and level 4 youth worker. Over the years she still enjoys taking rides and teaching. Her speciality is the nervous novice but enjoys coaching all levels and loves running the changing lives and the personal development and educational courses.

"I am really in love with my job and I pride myself in having a truly dedicated and exceptional team of staff and horses. 

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Ash is the manager at Country Treks and it is her dedication and passion for coaching that makes the team so professional and inspiring. Ash is an accredited UKCC coach and is currently working on her level 3. Her kind and consistent manner...Ash is a great competitor and goes out weekly to all manner of events with her own horse and Country Treks horses. She involves staff and encourages clients to participate in competitions. She is so looking forward to the grand opening on the Olympic size arena in June 2021 when she can host open competitions here at Country Treks. We joke that Ash never has a bad day at the office - she always smiles, encourages and gets the very best out of her clients.


Chloe another home grown talent! Chloe learnt to ride at our Saturday Pony Club and is now a UKCC Level 2 Coach and working for us part time in between studying Equine Sports Science at University. She also has done her two years equine diploma at Hartpury College and is a very competent, knowledgeable member of staff. She is a fabulous coach and enjoys treks, trails and day rides. Whenever we ask how Chloe's ride went she always has the same reply 'the people were lovely'... it goes without saying she gets 5 star reviews and she is very much our senior coach/ride leader and second in command.



From a complete beginner learning to ride on a Saturday at Country Treks, the shy Eva has transformed into our very capable student coach and ride leader. Passing all of her exams with flying colours, her dedication to being the best at what she does will stand her in good stead. She is always professional, mature and confident and inspires customers with her lovely manner. She loves to get out competing with Ash and Chloe and grabs every opportunity.


Gabby yet another Country Treks Saturday pony club protégé! She has now re-joined Country Treks to coach and take rides and we just know she is going to be a firm favourite. She has great empathy and lots of patience and the customers love her! The running theme with Country Treks staff is that winning smile. You will see what we mean when you arrive...



River is our 'Covid Donation'. River got stuck on an international journey in England. With no previous experience with horses he started to help. As lockdown continued he enrolled as a student and has got better and better. A natural rider with empathy and balance, his love for horses has turned into a passion. He absolutely adores each and every horse and makes it his job to ensure their health and care is his top priority. He also loves our beginner clients and RDA/special needs.


Lizzie is 'stolen'. She originally signed up to be Marketing manager to help the boys at Top Adventures post COVID. However, Steph saw the talent and her 1st class degree in Business Management and she was stolen! She does do the marketing across all 3 companies but is also the bookings and first point of contact for many of you. She absolutely loves to sneak out of the office for lessons and rides - she also loves its when Country Treks are short and she gets called to help with Tiny Tots. She still does days for Top Adventures so Lizzie really does get Busy!



Emma Dainty is our physio. Once every six weeks our tried and trusted physio comes to check the health and well being of our beautiful horses and helps to keep them in tip top shape.

Jim the Farrier

Jim the farrier, we can’t do without him! So astute, so knowledgeable and so caring with our horses. ‘No foot, no horse’ is an old saying and to be fair Jim ensures we’ve got the very best attention for our horses.


Gary the Groom is our ex Wembley show groom who preens the horses to top show level, with beautiful pulled manes & tails and they are also clipped to perfection.


Mel Lewis is our saddle fitter. Steph’s sister, Mel, is a top Society of Master Saddlers approved fitter and she comes to the yard every 6 weeks with her keen eye for detail and changes in horses shape she makes sure our horses are comfortable with their saddles and that they are the highest quality.